Thithi/Divasam/Sradham/Yearly Ceremony

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The annual Shraddha Ceremony in homage to the deceased , the rites conducted immediately after death means in order to make a pindapradaanam, Tharpana and Daanas offering every year to both the recently deceased and other close ancestors and the offerings to give eternal peace of Soul.

The yearly memorial ceremony is generally performed as long as the sons of the deceased are still living. As noted in Hindu Shastras it’s common duty for Hindus to conduct Shraddha/Pinda Daan for ancestors who gave birth to them and for Vamsa Vriddhi/Rebirth of the Soul/Eternal Peace.

Men/Female traditionally conduct Hindu death rituals. When annual Shraddha is conducted, it’s common for the son to mention the names of males/Females of 3 generations in his family’s ancestral lines when making an offering.

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