Thila Homam at Rameswaram

ThilaHomam is a powerful vedic ritual performed for the peace of souls of theancestors and family members who died unnaturally i.e., Due to Accidents, Suicides like Burning themselves, Fallen from Hills and Trees, Buildings and Mountains or Hills, Drown in Water like Wells, Rivers etc, Poisonous bite by deadly creatures like Snake, Scorpian etc., Premature death, Killed by strangling the neck or weapons, Died at time of delivery and Left home due to madness.Someone who has not performedShradhh/Tharpana ceremonies for ancestors at the time of death and Yearly ceremonies will have Pitru Dosha.

In all above cases, the dead soul awaits desperately to become free from the evil powers, Punishments from Lord Yamadharma or hell.It is also a remedy for someone who is suffering fromPitru Dosha in his/her horoscope.Rameswaram is the main place for performing Thila homam.As per Garuda Purana that the above souls will roam in Space, in Air by seeking eternal peace and thus the Shastras advice the Thila Homam as a remedy to give eternal peace to the soul and to relieve it from negative forces. The Homam helps the soul find its way to rebirth or sends such a soul back to the lotus feet of God.

Here’s the list of people who can/should perform Thila Homam:

1. A person whose forefathers are causing unhappiness in their lives like delaying in settling down in a job, late marriage, delayed child birth, disobedient children or children giving troubles or suffer ailments, disharmony with family members and between couples, more unwanted expenditure then income, have legal proceedings and often occurrence of accidents.
2. People with intense problems due to powerful enemies.
3. Someone whose forefathers have not achieved peace because of the evil deeds they did during their lifespan.
4. Properties stuck in court cases

Benefits of Thila Homam

1. It helps in providing eternal peace to the dead souls.
2. It provides relief from the unexplained sufferings and worries like delays in Marriage,Financial Crisis in Family, delay in getting Kids, rivals in Family and Legal Issues etc.
3. The homam also brings good wishes and blessings for a happy, health and wealth,unhindered successful life from these souls.

Days to perform Thila Homam

The Homam can take place any day if you are performing in Rameswaram. No need to see day or Thithis except Astrologers Special suggestion for performing Thila Homam in places like Ramewaram. Most auspicious days are Amavasya, Ashtami and Ekadasi which falls on Aadi, Thai, Purattasi (Mahalaya Paksham 15 days including Amavasya), which is an annual ritual that is celebrated 15 days before Navaratri. It is known as the Pitru Paksha/Mahaalaya Paksha in Hindu Dharma.

Procedure for Thila Homam

1. The priests at Rameswaram perform the Thila Homam by following theVedic Rituals.
2. Only Blood relatives of the departed souls can perform this and the major ritual involves offering Ganapathi Pooja, Sankalpam, Aavaahanam of Lord Yama ,Avaahanam of Ancestors in Male and Female Idols made by Silver as shown in Image below in a Vedic ceremony while chanting the mantras.

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Kumbha Pooja of Sri Lakshmi Narayana, Sri Umamaheswara, Goddess Kamadhenu (Holy Cow), Goddess Bhadrakaali, Lord Nagaraja and Lord Shani as shown in images.

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Cost & Time duration to perform Thila Homam

Cost and Time of Thila Homam depends on Count of Mantras belongs to Lord Yamadharma and Other Gods who all are gives Health and Wealth to our Hassle free Life which includes all Materials involved for this ritual.For Example 1008 Count, 3000 Count, 6000 Count, 10000 Count.


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